About us.
Inspired from the Latin citation „carpe diem“ we have decided to condense our philosophy and name our company „carpe ideam“: exploit and maximize the idea!

We believe in a huge, unexploited potential of ideas amongst members of the management and employees. This potential is not only accessible through disciplined processes.


We perform integrated marketing and integrated communications.
We are convinced that continuity and differentiation do not exclude each other. We specialize on ideas, but our expertise covers a broader area of disciplines connected with it. We principally never settle with the first idea. Our benchmark is the customers’ satisfaction and its market success and not creative awards. We believe in the success of strong brands.

We are a modern, virtual company with a network of 12 partners covering graphic design, photography, web programming, media, production, PR and events. Each of them serves the integrated approach and comes into action selectively.

A solid background and a well-founded experience and a high degree of social competence mixed with a healthy portion of enthusiasm give us the flexibility to meet the most different and exciting challenges of our customers. What are your ideas?

Vincenzo Travaglione is the managing director of carpe ideam.