The idea forms the thought forms the action.

Ideas should be judged according to its effects, performance, longevity, practicability, compatibility, positioning role, potential for differentiation, imitability etc.

We are idea partners for members of the management in all issues of marketing and brand communications.

We are not simply idea supplier, but we help you exploit your own idea potential more effectively.

We are idea researchers, form a cloud together with you and condense the ideas according to a clearly defined selection process. explore.

We are idea chargers, by filling the condensed ideas with content and with a reality check. energize.

We are idea implementers because we don’t leave you alone with the idea. But we use our own network to implement all ideas. That’s how we help you to succeed. excel.

Discover the innovative process of MagnaCarta. It helps to better implement your concepts and strategies. Visualize complex content through the Corporate Topography and make it tangible for your employees.